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Faculty of Finance is one of the 14 faculties of Kharazmi University. This faculty was established since 1988 in the "School of Economic Sciences" in an effort to train mid-level managers of the Ministry of Finance and its subsidiaries. The school included some interdisciplinary fields such as banking management, customer management, insurance management, taxation, public accounting and auditing. School of Economic Sciences was established based on the approval of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to admit students through an entrance exam. The school was founded subsequent to the "Financial School", which was established in 1936 for being a training center in the Ministry of Finance to conduct short term courses for these ministry staffs.

The authorities of the School of Economic Sciences developed syllabuses for aforementioned interdisciplinary fields through conducting specialized committees and getting consultation of scholars and experts of the Ministry of Finance, banks, insurances, firms and Audit Organization of Iran.

In 2004, the High Administrative Council approved that School of Economic Sciences must be joint to one of the universities in Tehran. Then, in 2011, the school was reformed to the University of Economics Science based on the permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Finally, University of Economics Sciences, including three faculties (Finance, Management and Economics) was merged with Kharazmi University in 2015. Faculty of Finance includes three departments: (i) Accounting Department (U.G. courses in four fields, included, taxation, public accounting, auditing and accounting, and P.G. course with general field); (ii) Department of Financial Mathematics (P.G. level); and (iii) Department of Finance (U.G. and P.G. courses in financial management) and Financial Engineering (P.G. level). Currently, Faculty of Finance is one of the well-known and reputational faculties in this area in the country.